Advertisting & the Nature of Reality
A new eye-opening theory explores how advertising brings us a tiny bit closer to understanding the nature of reality.

Reality isn’t the easiest thing to describe. It’s all around us, we use it every day, but look too closely at it and things get pretty strange. Stuff that seems to be real turns out to be a product of the mind, and what we’re left with is confusing to understand. Philosophers and scientists have thrown their hats into the ring over the past few millennia in an attempt to describe reality, but the answer still proves elusive. Advertising and the Nature of Reality introduces an argument asserting that advertising can tackle this age-old problem. Advertising isn’t just something humans made up to sell stuff, but rather an essential phenomenon that binds living things together. It’s more than communication. It’s more than an appeal to the senses. Advertising is a door to understanding why reality is the way that it is.
Advertising and the Nature of Reality